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Lovers’ Park Yerevan has been revamped and put into operation by Boghossian Foundation and urbanlab in the framework of Boghossian Gardens Project. The goal of the Project is to revive and maintain the public green spaces of the park, in parallel with the implementation of cultural initiatives, which are aimed to make Lovers’ Park Yerevan into a more dynamic and cherished common place for the people of Yerevan and its guests.

The implementation of the upper mentioned activities is carried out by urbanlab.

To be able to organize an event on the territory of the Lovers’ Park Yerevan, it is necessary to submit an application to Boghossian Gardens Project and receive the written permission.

The following provisions are taken into account while organizing an event
1. The type of the event;
2. The number of anticipated guests;
3. The aim of the event (profit or non-profit making);
4. Required territory of the park for the event (entire or part of the park );
5. Violation of Park Rules.

The procedure to receive permission to organize events at the Lovers’ Park Yerevan starts from filling out the Online Application or the hard copy (in PDF format). We advise you to start this process at least 30 working days prior to the actual date of your event.

Once the completed application is submitted, you will be contacted within five working days (through your mentioned email address). Please be advised that your submitted application does not guarantee that you will be allowed to organize your event at the park. It might be accepted, refused or asked for additional information. After re-submitting application it will be reviewed in the same five day procedure.

Based on the submitted application it is also necessary to officially notify the Municipality of Yerevan about your event according to the "
Law of the Republic of Armenia on Freedom of Assemblies (non-official translation)." Please note that you have to present a copy of the the permission notification response acquired from Yerevan Municipality to urbanlab before the actual event date.

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Online Application form
Hard-copy Application form
Park Rules

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Boghossian Gardens Project
Address: 21 Marshal Baghramyan Avenue, Yerevan, 0019, Armenia
Tel.: +374 11 966 867, +374 11 966 868
E-mail: info [at]
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