1. Why are the lawns closed?
We know that our visitors like to sit on lawn, but unfortunately due to technological (gardening) issues we do not consider it appropriate to allow sitting or walking on the grass. As the lawns in the park are not grass but bluegrass of high quality, they require more care and high humidity. During summer days when it is hot (starting from April up to October) the lawns become totally dehydrated due to non-comparative low humidity in the air of Yerevan. Therefore walking or sitting on it will cause damage. Long term and a lot of resources will be required for recovering the damaged swards. The lawns will be closed for upcoming few years but later, when the trees of the park become leafier, the swards will not meet much sunlight and only four treeless areas of the park will be swardy. In the other parts of the park the grass will be open for everybody to walk and sit.

2. Why is the lawns near the children's playground closed?
The lawns of Lovers’ Park Yerevan are closed for everybody (see question 1), without any exception, be it either the children's playground area, or the other area of the park.

3. Why is it forbidden to enter or swim in the ponds and water features?
The ponds and all other water features are not designed for swimming and they contain chemicals that are dangerous to humans and animals. The waterfalls, stone compositions and hills in the park have been created for decorative purposes and are not designed to bear the weight of adults, children or animals. They can be damaged easily and may inflict bodily harm to you, your child or your pet.

4. Why is the Lovers’ Park Yerevan a pet-free zone?
The owners of domestic animals, especially dogs, are not cleaning the feces of their pet, which becomes a big problem for the park maintenance and cleanliness. Unfortunately, we do not have this culture in Armenia yet.
Based on the first years’ experience of the maintenance of the park, the administration forbids the entrance of any kind of pets into the park. We remind you that causing injury to a person by a pet is criminally punishable. In such cases the park personnel are authorized to call the police

5. Why are the bridges closed in the Lovers’ Park Yerevan?
Only those bridges that lead to lawns of the park are closed (see question 1). As far as it is forbidden to sit or walk on the lawns of the park, the bridges have no entrance.

6. Why is it forbidden to take a photograph at the Lovers’ Park Yerevan?
All kinds of profit making activities at Lovers’ Park Yerevan are forbidden. It is possible to implement video or photo shootings without permission if you are a representative of mass media and have the evidencing document. In this case you should approach the security guard of the park and fill in the application for mass media representatives ensuring that the shooting is taken for non-profit purposes. Only after this you are able to carry out the shooting. Moreover, we would be glad if you share the beautiful and interesting photos taken at the park on our Facebook page (facebook.com/boghossiangardens). The wedding shootings are not forbidden because we understand that this is a very important day for the newlyweds and wish those moments be memorable. According to the events logical price table of Lovers’ Park Yerevan the implementation of the profit making shooting at Lovers’ Park Yerevan costs 50,000AMD if the park rules have been violated; and 20,000AMD if there is no violation of the Park Rules.

7. Who is responsible for items that are lost at the Lovers’ Park Yerevan?
We have a Lost & Found box at the park in which all found items are stored. The box is kept in the security room. We encourage all the visitors to leave them at the security officer in case of finding any item. The experience shows that the owners of the lost items always return to find their belongings.

8. Why is it forbidden to smoke in the park?
Boghossian Gardens together with the College of Health Sciences (CHS) of the American University of Armenia and the Coalition for Tobacco Free Armenia launched the first smoke free playground called “Happy Playground where People do not Smoke” in Yerevan on the occasion of the World No Tobacco Day in the year 2013. Within the framework of this program the children’s playground and its neighboring area are declared as smoke-free zones. We respect the smokers’ rights and ask them to respect the right of non-smokers and not to smoke in the above mentioned areas of the park.

9. Why is it forbidden to enter the park area with wheeled vehicles (bicycle, scooter, skateboard and any other wheeled vehicles)? Meanwhile, one can see baby strollers in the park, which are bigger in size than other wheeled vehicles.
Not all the paths are flat in the park; there are small mounds and rocky pathways. This becomes an obstacle for using wheeled vehicles. As this factor may be dangerous for riding a bicycle, scooter, skateboard and any other wheeled vehicles in the park and this may also disturb other visitors having a rest and make the movement within the park more complicated, it is forbidden to use them in the park.

It is not forbidden to use baby strollers in the park because they are under the parents' direct supervision and attention. It is not forbidden to use wheelchairs in the park either, because there are specially designated accessible pathways.

10. Why is it forbidden to play a ball or badminton in the park?
As we have already mentioned in the Question 9, not all the paths are flat in the park, there are small mounds and rocky pathways. The paths in the park are very narrow and are not envisaged for playing a ball.
Playing badminton is possible, but not on the lawns of the park.

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